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d`Arenberg The Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Chambourcin

Land: Australië
Regio: McLaren Vale
Druif: Sparkling
Allergene: bevat ei, bevat melk, bevat sulfieten


aalbessen/cassisnaar frambooskaneeltintje
d`Arenberg The Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Chambourcin
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0.75 Liter (35,62 € * / 1 Liter)

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Surrounded by peppermint gums, the block that was replanted in 1989 to Chambourcin[br]which is a...meer
Productinformatie "d`Arenberg The Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Chambourcin"
Surrounded by peppermint gums, the block that was replanted in 1989 to Chambourcin[br]which is a hybrid variety has proven itself as a successful variety for red wine production.[br]When the fruit is picked fully ripen it retains high levels of natural acidity during[br]fermentation and its flavour profile is very dry. The Peppermint Paddock Chambourcin[br]possesses all the hallmarks of the variety; an abundance of colour, flavour, tannin and acid,perfect for a sparkling red wine.[br][br]After excellent winter rains and then a warm wet spring the vineyards were set[br]for a good start to vintage. Flowering was consistent, for the first time crop[br]sizes looked more normal than previous years. We experienced the coldest[br]January for 12 years followed by a warm February with 4 very hot days which[br]encouraged ripening. The success of this wine is put down to the evenness of the[br]ripening period leading up to picking which maximised fruit character and[br]concentration of flavour.[br]The Winemaking[br]Each batch of fruit received is gently crushed in our gentle Demoisy crusher. The must was then transferred to our open fermenters where the seeds and skins are submerged beneath the free run juice. The must received no plunging or pumping over while the juice was fermenting on its skins for up to 14 days when it is then basket[br]pressed. The assemblage of reserve wines are then added prior to tirage for the secondary fermentation. Once complete, the wine has spent time on its lees is then disgorged with expedition liqueur added completing the process prior to packaging.[br]The Characteristics[br]Upon release, it exhibits a deep appearance of vibrant black, crimson-purple mousse with a fine persistent bead that can only be described as a ‘Ring of Pearls’. A rare and wonderful sight in sparkling wines.[br]The aroma is dry, none of that sweet lifted strawberry bubblegum confectionary characters here. Dominated by the freshness of violets, rhubarb, herbs then the intensity of raspberries and black currants and leaf.[br]The palate is focused, dry, and totally refreshing. A beautiful upfront mulberry mousse[br]creaminess runs right through to the finish (The aged reserve material particularly from ’96 has a lot to do with this). The wine has a lighter bodied nature as it is lower in alcohol than previous Peppermint Paddocks, but clearly more satisfying.[br]The finish is dry and pointed with tannins integrated and balanced with the dosage[br]liquoring and acidity. The liqueur material is aged Vintage Fortified Shiraz which gives the wine added lush complexity and a slight liquorice and mineral character to the long and abundant mulberry raspberry fruit characters. [br][br]Looking out from Cellar Door the Peppermint Paddock block is located to the left running down the hill side on a windswept south facing slope overlooking McLaren Vale to St Vincent’s gulf. Originally planted to Shiraz in the 1880’s vines have struggled to survive on the Peppermint Paddock, let alone bear fruit.
"d`Arenberg The Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Chambourcin"
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alcoholic beverage (sparkling wine)
100% Chambourcin
Soort: Sekte
Land: Australië
Regio: McLaren Vale
Smaak: brut
Druif: Sparkling
Flavors: aalbessen/cassis, kaneeltintje, naar framboos
Zuurheid: 6,75 g/Liter
Restsuiker: >6,25 g/Liter
Allergene: bevat ei, bevat melk, bevat sulfieten
Sluiting Type: Kurk
Jaargang: non-vintage
Wijnmaker: Chester Osborn
Alcoholgehalte: 14%