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Du Toitskloof Cape Secco Blanc

Land: Zuid Afrika
Regio: Worcester
Druif: Prosecco & Co
Allergenen: bevat sulfieten


naar perziknaar citrusvruchten... grapefruitnaar exotische vruchten
Du Toitskloof Cape Secco Blanc
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Full, fruity nose, with whiffs of pineapple, peach and apple ending with a soft, dry finish.This...meer
Productinformatie "Du Toitskloof Cape Secco Blanc"
Full, fruity nose, with whiffs of pineapple, peach and apple ending with a soft, dry finish.This wine is made using the injection of carbon dioxide bubbles and consists of 57% Chenin Blanc and 43% Muscat. After crushing the juice was pumped to an enclosed press where it was kept on the skins for 24 hours to allow for optimal flavour extraction. Only the free-run juice was then pumped over and allowed to settle under reductive conditions. The juice was cooled to -4ºC and kept at that temperature for two to three weeks when all excess water in the juice was frozen, a practice which increases the flavour concentration and the sugar level. The juice was then pumped out of the cold tanks and the temperature allowed to rise to 8ºC to 10ºC after which it was inoculated with natural yeast strains. Fermentation took place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 13ºC to 15ºC. After about 20 days the wine was fermented dry and was then protein- and cold- stabilised before bottling.
"Du Toitskloof Cape Secco Blanc"
enjoy at 6-8°C,
Enjoy this wine on its own, chilled or with picnics and light lunches.
Friedrich Klocke GmbH & Co. KG, 32457 Porta Westfalica, Deutschland
alcoholic beverage (semi-sparkling wine)
57% Chenin Blanc
43% Muscat
Soort: Sekte
Land: Zuid Afrika
Regio: Worcester
Smaak: brut
Druif: Prosecco & Co
Aroma's: ... grapefruit, naar citrusvruchten, naar exotische vruchten, naar perzik
Zuurheid: 6 g/Liter
Restsuiker: >8g/Liter
Allergenen: bevat sulfieten
Sluiting : Schroefdop
Jaargang: non-vintage
Wijnmaker: ShawnThompson PhilipJordaan
Alcoholgehalte: 12 %