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Krug Grande Cuvée in gift packaging

Land: Frankrijk
Regio: Champagne
Druif: Champagne
Allergenen: bevat sulfieten




James Halliday 97 PunkteWine Spectator 97 Punkte


... blossomviooltjenaar honingkaneeltintje… Roses flowers
Krug Grande Cuvée in gift packaging
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Krug Grande Cuvée is the timelessly stylish signature of Krug, a breathtaking champagne that...meer
Productinformatie "Krug Grande Cuvée in gift packaging"
Krug Grande Cuvée is the timelessly stylish signature of Krug, a breathtaking champagne that effortlessly balances richness and freshness, power and finesse. Out of contrast, harmony ? a sensational taste experience.

A gleaming gold colour, an extravagantly expansive bouquet, an almost creamy texture. Then, an explosion of flavours, at once mellow and mature, crisp and clean.

Krug Grande Cuvée is the supreme demonstration of the Krug art of blending. No recipe can define its intricate harmony, so every year the Krug family works from taste and memory alone to recreate this most complex of champagnes. Typically, Krug Grande Cuvée is blended from as many as 50 wines from three grape varieties, 20 to 25 growths, and six to ten different years.

Krug Grande Cuvée is the ultimate expression of the Krug style ? so much so that all other Krugs may be said to have something of the Grande Cuvée in them. Krug Rosé, for example, takes the spicy notes of the Grande Cuvée to a new peak, while Krug Clos du Mesnil is more mineral. According to Rémi Krug: ?If Johann-Joseph Krug tasted today?s Grande Cuvée, he would no doubt say that it was exactly what he dreamt of when he founded Krug in 1843?.
"Krug Grande Cuvée in gift packaging"
Krug, 51100 Reims, Frankreich
alcoholic beverage (sparkling wine)
Krug Grand Cuvée GV
  • James Halliday: 97 Punkte
  • Wine Spectator: 97 Punkte
Soort: Sekte
Land: Frankrijk
Regio: Champagne
Smaak: brut
Druif: Champagne
Aroma's: ... blossom, kaneeltintje, naar honing, viooltje, … Roses flowers
Restsuiker: >brut
Allergenen: bevat sulfieten
Sluiting : Kurk
Jaargang: non-vintage
Alcoholgehalte: 12 %