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Krug Rosé Champagner

Land: Frankrijk
Regio: Champagne
Druif: Champagne
Allergenen: bevat sulfieten




Wine Spectator 95 Punkte


cacao/chocolanaar vanillenaar peper/peperachtigbosbessen... clovesamandelaromakaneeltintje... licorice
Krug Rosé Champagner
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Krug Rosé is pure provocation – a sensual, extravagant champagne that seamlessly fuses the...meer
Productinformatie "Krug Rosé Champagner"
Krug Rosé is pure provocation – a sensual, extravagant champagne that seamlessly fuses the intensity and elegance of the Krug style with an excitement all its own. TASTE Krug Rosé’s pale pink-gold colour and exquisitely fragrant bouquet are the prelude to an abundance of fresh, exotic flavours. COMPOSITION Krug Rosé is a sublime demonstration of the Krug art of blending. Its vibrant personality is brought to life by combining a small quantity of precisely selected, skin-fermented Pinot noir grapes with traditionally fermented Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot meunier. In any one year, the blend includes a significant amount of reserve wines to ensure a consistent harmony of style. A REDEFINITION OF ROSÉ Krug Rosé was, to say the least, eagerly awaited. For years before the decision to produce one, Krug lovers around the world had been clamouring for Krug to create a rosé in its own style. Initially, both Henri and Rémi Krug were somewhat anti-rosé, believing it to be a gimmick, but eventually – encouraged by the superb harvest of 1976 – they launched a secret experiment. Pinot noir grapes were briefly macerated on their skins, then blended with traditionally fermented Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot meunieras well as a proportion of reserve wines. Typically of Krug, the taste determined the style of production, and the beautiful pink-gold colour was a natural consequence. In 1983, a few bottles were brought up from the cellars, and Henri and Rémi Krug served the first glass to their father, Paul Krug II, who had known nothing of the experiment. Just one sip swept away all their hesitations, for this was a champagne so thrillingly fresh, so seductively silky-smooth, spilling over with notes of wild berries, exotic spices and concentrated flowers, that it represented a complete break with convention. Krug at last had its Rosé.
"Krug Rosé Champagner"
Krug, 51100 Reims, Frankreich
alcoholic beverage (sparkling wine)
Pinot Noir
Pinot Meunier
Krug Rosé Champagner
  • Wine Spectator: 95 Punkte
Soort: Sekte
Land: Frankrijk
Regio: Champagne
Smaak: brut
Druif: Champagne
Aroma's: ... cloves, ... licorice, amandelaroma, bosbessen, cacao/chocola, kaneeltintje, naar peper/peperachtig, naar vanille
Restsuiker: >brut
Allergenen: bevat sulfieten
Sluiting : Kurk
Jaargang: non-vintage
Alcoholgehalte: 12 %